Love – A Universal Emotion

here are 8 basic emotions that every human experiences. Love is one of them. There is no clear definition of love. Love has different meanings in different relationships.



Global developmental delay

When a child is delayed in learning to talk, motor skills like crawling, sitting up and interacting with people socially and emotionally. This might even cause some behavioural and emotional difficulties


Building strong and healthy relationship through Positive Parenting

Parenting can be one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences in life. While raising children brings immense joy and fulfilment, it can also be difficult to navigate the various challenges that come with it.


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Psychological Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on YOUTH.

The COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most significant global catastrophes in centuries, has had significant and far-reaching effects on health systems, economics,


Theory of Mind

Theory of mind is the ability to attribute mental states — beliefs, intents, desires, emotions, and knowledge — to ourselves and others. Theory of mind is an important part of social understanding and social cognition.


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Upsides and Downsides of Online learning-from a college student’s perspectives

The pandemic has had a severe effect on the higher education as the school/ universities closed their campuses and the countries have shut their borders as a result of the lockdown measures.



Does social media affect how we feel about ourselves

Social media has seen significant rise and has now become an integral part of its users’ life. It has given people an open platform to express themselves and form connections all around the world.


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Why is Autism-awareness day important in India

While autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is no longer known as a rare disorder, it still remains misunderstood and stigmatised to a large extent in India.


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On this last day of self-harm awareness month, we are answering some common questions

Self-harm includes any behavior through which someone causes injury or harm to themselves..


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Some interesting facts and common statistics on some relevant mental health issues.



Ensuring sensitivity towards people with special needs during lockdown

The disruptions in activities of daily living caused by the pandemic can take a toll on mental health of people, especially those with pre-existing mental health conditions, making them more vulnerable.



Forecasting the mood

While still indoors, lot of us have seen the mangoes doing rounds and expect the weather to be sunny and hot on most days, that’s how we know we have moved into summer.



Psychological Impact of Quarantine on people

The December 2019 coronavirus disease outbreak as seen in many countries across the globe is a pandemic which has made people who have potentially come into contact with the infection to isolate themselves at home or in a dedicated quarantine facility.



Reactions to Quarantine and Lockdowns

As we increasingly recognize, that there remain challenges and need for adequate planning and provision of resources to many sections and communities of our society, while holding a nationwide lockdown and curfews in many cities.


Things to do during Quarantine

Beat the quarantine blues: We’ve compiled some suggestions to help make your quarantined time interesting and even more productive.


Resources and helplines for support during the Coronavirus pandemic

Amidst this crisis on the Coronvirus pandemic we are experiencing globally, it is important to stay informed.


Putting on your own oxygen mask first- Mental health for caregivers during the Pandemic

There is ton of information available regarding the precautions, testing and procedure during public health crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic.


Mental health in times of a PANDEMIC

A public health crisis like Coronavirus Pandemic, can take a mental toll on people, especially those already struggling with anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions making them more vulnerable in a time like this.


Boredom and Adolescents

Boredom and Adolescents

It is not uncommon for kids to say that they are “bored”, but the frequent usage of this word by teenagers, could be a cause for concern, though not always realized by parents.


Mental Wellness


Mental Health is an integral and essential component of health. Mental Wellness is more than just an absence of mental illness.


Parents and Children

Parents and Children

A look at the ways for parents and children to interact with one another physically, emotionally, and socially to improve their relationship.


Mental Health Time to talk

Mental Health : Time to talk

 Lets break the stigma attached to mental health issues and start a conversation about mental health.


Suicide and Self Harm

Suicide and Self -Harm

 Some people who are distressed, deliberately harm their bodies using self-harm as a way of dealing with intense emotional pain. 


Let's Talk

Let’s Talk : Tips for supporting someone

 Like any other health problem, someone with a mental illness needs that extra love and support.


In your Corner : Events near you

In your Corner : Events near you

To give you some insight in the best psychology and psychiatry conferences that are taking place in 2019, we’ve put together this extensive list .


Current News

What’s On : Current News

Stay updated with what’s happening around with a selection of our favourite articles on mental health. Check out the current news now!



School And Mental Health

School And Mental Health

Schools play an important role in identifying the early warning signs of a mental health condition and providing students with access to effective services and supports.


Do friends influence your career decisions?

Students are usually expected to work after college. This progression from a college environment to a work environment requires many discussions and intensive preparations.



Impact of Addictive Online Games on Youngsters

Talking about the present conditions where everyone is restricted to stay within the four walls, internet and technology are major sources of entertainment.


Do stories encourage honesty in children?

Raising children right is very crucial for a society’s future. To raise honest citizens, several things are put into play. This starts from home, from family, and is further carried on by agents of socialization including schools and other sectors of society.