Screening for mental health issues

Screening for mental health issues in children and adolescents can occur in settings ranging from school to primary health care or specialist health care setting such as MANOTSAV. The screening is undertaken when there is an identified problem behaviour that is making either the parents or teachers worried. It can sometimes be suggested in absence of specific concerns in case of high-risk population.

At MANOTSAV, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Psychologist work together to evaluate mental health conditions and provide treatment. A psychologist conducts an initial assessment to diagnose the mental health condition. She identifies what might be the best modality of treatment. Thereafter, a comprehensive assessment is carried out by the child and adolescent psychiatrist and the final plan consisting of various modalities including but not limited to counselling, psychotherapy, allied therapies and medications is decided. Other therapies, such as play or art, may be

 added to conventional treatments.
Initial diagnosis is based on behavioural signs as reported by parents, caregivers and teachers in order to understand how the child functions in different situations. Often a child will have a combination of two or more behaviours, such as anxiety and bedwetting.