Public Health Services

Clinical services consist of a comprehensive evaluation of social, emotional, behavioural and academic skills with an objective to devise a customised and goal oriented program to help the child develop his/her skills.

Career Counselling

Navigating the complex world of careers and professional development can be challenging. At Manotsav Foundation, we offer comprehensive career counselling services to help individuals make informed decisions about their career paths. Our experienced career counsellors provide personalized guidance, assess skills and interests, and explore various career options to align aspirations with practical goals. Whether you’re a student planning your educational journey, a professional seeking a change, or someone at any stage of your career, our career counselling services are designed to empower you to make confident choices and achieve your full potential. Allow us to be your trusted guides on your journey to a successful and fulfilling career.

Upcoming & Ongoing Events

Support Group - Part 2

Join our mental health support group, a welcoming space where you can share, learn and grow together with individuals facing similar challenges.

Internship Program

Manotsav Foundation welcomes you to join our mission of creating awareness about mental health problems among the youth!