Clinical Services

Clinical services consist of a comprehensive evaluation of social, emotional, behavioural and academic skills with an objective to devise a customised and goal oriented program to help the child develop his/her skills.

Counselling And Psychotherapy

Mental health affects the way people think, feel and act. Taking care of our mental health is just as important as having a healthy body. Mental health professionals use several types of therapy. The choice of therapy depends on the patient’s particular circumstances and the therapist’s preference. Therapists may combine elements from different approaches to best meet the needs of the client.
Counselling and Psychotherapy are often used as interchangeable terms that overlap in a number of ways. Counselling typically deals with present issues that can be resolved on the conscious level whereas Psychotherapy can be short-term (a few sessions), dealing with immediate issues, or long-term (months or years), dealing with longstanding and complex issues. The goals and frequency of treatment are planned together by the patient and therapist. Counselling/ psychotherapy is often used in combination with medication to treat mental health conditions.
Sometimes medication may be the first line of treatment and on other occasions, psychotherapy may be the best option. For many, a combination of both forms of treatment is better than either alone. Healthy lifestyle changes, such as good nutrition, regular exercise and adequate sleep, play an important role in supporting recovery and overall wellness.

Upcoming & Ongoing Events

Support Group - Part 2

Join our mental health support group, a welcoming space where you can share, learn and grow together with individuals facing similar challenges.

Internship Program

Manotsav Foundation welcomes you to join our mission of creating awareness about mental health problems among the youth!