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Success Stories of Past Events

Success Stories of Past Events


Achievements Of Manotsav Foundation

Manotsav Foundation conducted a study to identify the perspectives of teachers about mental health, challenges they experience while trying to support the students and various measures that can help them in this endeavour which was published in India Journal of Behavioural Sciences.

https://www.ijbscps.com/index .php/IJBS/article/view/141
Manotsav Foundation has achieved a significant milestone by successfully conducting over 100 workshops in diverse educational institutions, including schools and colleges. Workshops have also been carried out in collaboration with a range of esteemed organizations and non- governmental organizations. The primary aim of these initiatives is to promote and empower mental health education among children and adolescents.
Successful launch of Mann Mahotsav, an open community event curated by mental health professionals, has made significant progress in promoting mental health awareness and community support.
Successfully partnering with NGOs like Junoon Foundation, Community Development Centre and various other to offer mental health education for children.