Support Group for students and youth experiencing distress

When: Alternate Fridays 4 pm -5pm, starting 9th July
Where: Zoom
No. of open spots: 8-10 maximum
No. of Participants: 10-14
Who can join: Students (18 years & above)

Sign up: Fill out google form Here

What is the support group for?

The aim and purpose of the support group is to have a safe space to share, find support and a listening ear from fellow students who may be experiencing similar distress. May be even find out how to cope with it. It is facilitated by a Mental health professional.


If you are a student and feeling distressed due to any reason, this support group is for you. The support group is running from 9th July to 8th October 2021. Expected participants are college students or youth in age bracket of 18- 22 years.

We have themes for each session to help you plan better and know what to expect. However, they are not restrictive or exhaustive. They may be subject to change, depending upon the number of participants and interest found across the meetings or sessions.

Our recommendations for sign-up:

The spaces are limited to ensure maximum benefit for all and smoother facilitation. Participation is first come first serve basis. We do recommend that to keep your video on and participate as much as possible, for the best experience. It helps everyone feel connected and trust better. This also helps you get to know others in the group. However, don’t worry, you will never be forced or spotlighted to speak up.
Have more questions? Need more information on support groups?
Check out our FAQ section on support groups

Support group schedule and theme for each session

9th July – session 1- Panic attacks and Anxiety
23rd July – session 2- Loneliness, feeling isolated
6th August – session 3`- Family distress
20th August – session 4- Feeling stuck, confused and Fears
3rd September – session 5- Stress, overthinking and negative thoughts
17th September- session 6 – Low confidence and self-doubt
1st October- session 7- Sadness, low motivation and energy
8th October- session 8- Academic pressures and uncertainty about future