Psyc Insight – Jai Hind College

Location: Jai Hind College
Date: 14th January, 2020
Psyc Insight is an inter-collegiate psychology fest, organized by the psychology association of Jai Hind College, was held on 14th January, had a plethora of events, trivia and fun. The fest invites the youth to come in and learn about the different aspects of psychology as a subject. The students had created a beautiful platform to interact and learn around the theme of the fest ‘Distortion of Reality’.
Manotsav being the associate sponsor, encouraged and supported the fest, and attended some of the events which were not only entertaining, but also educative. The events such as “PsycSabha”, ‘PsycSurprise” and ‘PsycOnSale’, brought out the ambitious side of the students and encouraged them to test their theoretical knowledge of the subject of psychology in a practical setting. Other events like the escape room and the film making competition supported the theme of the fest and engaged the students with fun tasks. In all, the events of the Psyc Insight fest were successful in bringing the students together, and encouraging them to learn about the different aspects of psychology. We at Manotsav promote and advocate such platforms to create awareness about various aspects of psychology and mental health among youth.