School Workshop: Workshop on Emotions. (8th Feb 2022)

A workshop on Emotions was conducted for 8th grade school girls, at the SPR Jainshala, Ghatkopar. The workshop aimed at increasing their emotional literacy and familiarizing them with the wide range of emotions. The students were taught about the Mood Meter which helped them understand the different levels of emotions based on their intensity and pleasantness. The children took part in fun activities like “Which emotion am I” and quizzes based on different situations leading to experiencing of different emotions. Towards the end of the workshop the students took part in the Art-making process as well, which was directed at enabling them to internalize and experience the emotion in its full essence.

Introducing “My Emotion toolbox”. This program includes workshop for children with specific and practical tools that they can apply to cope with stress and manage emotional health, conducted by a psychologist.

“We are happy to share that we have started with our school mental health programs and look forward to continue building them back as we move into the next year. Here are a few glimpses from our first pilot workshop under the project “Emotion Toolbox” held on 21st December, at S.P.R Jain Kanya Shala, Ghatkopar.

These wonderful students enthusiastically participated through all the activities. We appreciate and commend the valuable support from their class teacher and school principal, to have given much importance and encouragement to their well-being and mental health along with education.”

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