What is Cyber Crime in India & How to File Cyber Crime Complaints?



Reporting Cybercrime:


  • Filing a complaint in nearest/any Cyber cell.


  • Lodging an FIR in a police station.




  • CYBER B.A.A.P – Mumbai based anti-cyberbullying organisation to provide guidance and counselling to victims, action against bullies and awareness training for children, parents, educators, organisations, police and schools.
    Visit: https://cyberbaap.org/


  • End Now Foundation is a non-profit organization, advocating for better internet ethics and digital wellness to evoke responsible online behavioural patterns amongst women, teens and children.
    Visit: https://www.endnowfoundation.org/


  • Indian Cyber Army is a registered non-profit organization & resource centre for police, investigation agencies, research centres, ethical hackers, industry experts, government agencies, academic leaders & individuals together to fight against intelligence threats and cyber-crimes.
    Visit: https://www.ica.in/


Some useful apps and software:

Apps on Android and IOS – to help monitor and manage screen usage

(Ideal for younger kids age less than 13-14 years)

  • Screen time parental control
  • Boomerang Parental control
  • Parental control and location tracker
  • Qustodio Parental control
  • Google Family link for parents
  • FamiSafe for MacOS



  • Microsoft Windows live family safety
  • MacOS parental control for mac devices