In your Corner : Events near you

In your Corner : Events near you

To give you some insight in the best psychology and psychiatry conferences that are taking place in 2019, we’ve put together this extensive list .

Psychology conferences:


  • Division of Health Psychology Annual Conference 2019.
    When: 10-11 July
    Where: Manchester, United Kingdom


  • 2019 IARR Mini Conference on Applied Relationship Science.
    When: 18-21 July
    Where: Brighton, United Kingdom


  • Cognitive Psychology Section + Developmental Psychology Section joint conference.
    When: 4-6 September
    Where: Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom


  • 18 Internationale Bindungskonferenz.
    When: 13-15 September
    Where: Germany


  • 52nd Annual Meeting of the International Society for Developmental Psychobiology.
    When: 16-18 October
    Where: Chicago, USA

Psychiatry conferences:

  • Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association 20th International Mental Health Conference 2019.
    When: 31 July – 2 August
    Where: Benowa, Australia
  • National Conference On Alcohol & Addiction Disorders 2019
    When: 14-18 August
    Where: Baltimore, United States

  • National Conference On Addiction Disorders East 2019
    When: 15-18 August
    Where: Baltimore, Md, United States


  • 10th Annual Integrative Medicine For Mental Health Conference 2019
    When: 15-18 August
    Where: San Diego , United States


  • 19th Wpa World Congress Of Psychiatry 2019
    When: 21-24 August
    Where: Lisbon , Portugal

Please note: Manotsav Foundation is not responsible for organizing these conferences and events. More details on each event can be found by visiting the conference event websites.


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