Mental Health in Crisis Called Corona-Digital Campaign

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Resources and helplines for support during the Coronavirus pandemic

Amidst this crisis on the Coronvirus pandemic we are experiencing globally, it is important to stay informed.


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Putting on your own oxygen mask first- Mental health for caregivers during the Pandemic

There is ton of information available regarding the precautions, testing and procedure during public health crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic.


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Mental health in times of a PANDEMIC

A public health crisis like Coronavirus Pandemic, can take a mental toll on people, especially those already struggling with anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions making them more vulnerable in a time like this.


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Things to do during Quarantine

Beat the quarantine blues: We’ve compiled some suggestions to help make your quarantined time interesting and even more productive.


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Reactions to Quarantine and Lockdowns

As we increasingly recognize, that there remain challenges and need for adequate planning and provision of resources to many sections and communities of our society.


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Social pages, online support groups and reliable websites for information for Mental Health in a Crisis Called Corona


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Manotsav Musings

Manotsav Musings are tips and quotes to give you some food for thought in the current situation of Covid-19 while we are all confined to our homes.


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